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Orleans Trio at Opus 40, Sept. ’03

Now here’s a strange one! On Feb. 12th ’08, I got an email through YouTube saying that “BostonDanny” had sent me a video. Tracking this down, I came to find out that it was not just one, but FIFTEEN VIDEOS!

Charlie, Lance, Lane,
Danny Furlong, Larry and John

Turns out that BostonDanny is none other than long-time fan and friend, Danny Furlong (of the Boston Furlongs). He and his clan (and there are a LOT of them!) have been attending Orleans shows for as long as any of us can remember.

Apparently, Danny had his camcorder running and managed to capture the bulk of this show at Opus 40 — the amazingly beautiful land sculpture just outside Woodstock, NY) — in September of 2003. Orleans played this particular home-town venue most every Labor Day weekend for over 20 years … but what makes this show unusual is that we appeared as a trio; just John, Larry and myself (Lance).

Opus 40 Rock Sculpture
The “stage” is the area beneath the monolith,
to the right of the ramp

Now it’s not much for camera work — just one static shot throughout — and we’re not all that dynamic to watch (although John does put in a few dance steps in the middle of Reach :-), but the sound is really quite good for just coming off the camera, capturing the live mix from the PA system. No fixes, no remixes … just 3 guys singing and playing … imperfectly, faulty memories, warts and all. Still, not bad.

I’m sure we played more than these 15 tunes, because Still the One and Love Takes Time are conspicuously absent, as is Power … but I have no idea what order we did them in, since there are very few clues in the videos themselves. Still, this order seems to flow pretty well … or watch them in whatever order you wish.


Anyway, our heartfelt thanks goes out to Danny Furlong for dredging up these tapes five years after the fact, digitizing them and then donating them to our YouTube Channel and website’s Video Gallery library. Danny — YOU ROCK!

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