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2013 — Orleans Rides Again! – blog March 14 ’13

2013 — Orleans Rides Again!

Once again, the Thing That Wouldn’t Die … The Phoenix … rises from the ashes to take flight again.

Dear friends and fans,

First let me apologize for my months of silence. It was a necessary respite in a time of pervasive uncertainties, both for me personally and for Orleans as a band. But now there is much to report, thankfully, and I wish to get on with it. But where to start?

Let’s start with what’s happening NOW, for those who have limited time to read here, and then I’ll continune soon with how we got here, for those who have more time to spend and the interest to spend it.

Saturday, March 30th – 7:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Orleans in concert, live from GRP Studios
1191 Commerce Park Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
STREAMING LIVE over the Internet via StageIt.com

The current incarnation of Orleans … John Hall, Lance & Lane Hoppen, Fly Amero and Charlie Morgan … will do a 1-hour show for a small in-studio audience, which will also be available to everyone everywhere, via the Internet.

For more info and TICKETS to the live event, CLICK HERE
For more info and ACCESS to the Internet streaming, CLICK HERE


Announcing the “Sailing Rock” Tour for Summer, 2013

As a result of the efforts of new manager, Len Fico (more about him soon), Orleans has secured a spot as both featured artist AND house band for the other acts on a series of shows to be known as the “Sailing Rock Tour“.

The lineup includes Christopher Cross, Orleans, Gary Wright, Firefall, John Ford Coley, Robbie Dupree and Player.

If you’re having any trouble connecting the dots between those names and their many, many hits, just get out your Google finger! Orleans will have the pleasure of performing our own hits, as well as backing up the rest of these artists on their hits (with the exception of Mr. Cross).

Visit the Tour Dates page on this site to see the dates already in place. More are being added, with the goal being 20+. This is a US tour, so apologies to our International fans. But we’ll work on coming your way, too, asap!


Lance Hoppen … March 14th


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Just saw the show at the Del Mar Fair last night and you guys were amazing! The harmonies were as good as ever, and you were so tight! Only wish you had more shows in the SoCal area. Thanks for a great show, Kim ;^)
June 13, 2013 @ 1:04 PMReply

Diane Tartaglia

March 26, 2013 @ 9:43 PM

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