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Category: Blog entries

Blog entries

Orleans as trio in 1995-96

Just last week, we began a new Facebook event series, aptly called “Video Thursdays”. The intent is to create a regular release of some of the more obscure performances and interviews scattered across YouTube that we’ve collected over time … as well as any new song videos … consolidating the content into our one, official OrleansOnline YouTube channel.

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Blog entries

8 Years Later: No More Than You Can Handle

Today is Sunday, June 21st, 2020. On the eve of publicly releasing our virus-induced “in isolation” video of “No More Than You Can Handle“, I’m compelled to reflect on the meaning of the song in relation to the past 8 years of this “long and winding road” journey for both Orleans as a band and for me, personally. Read on, if you care to. I’ll try to keep it concise.

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Blog entries

2012 Revisited, June 21 2020

Tomorrow, a newly reconfigured Orleans will play “Kool Deadwood Nites” in nearby Deadwood; a very cool old Gold Rush town, I am told. The town’s name seems eerily appropriate.

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Blog entries

Follow up to “1976 Video Unearthed” – blog Aug. 26 ’14

Thanks to fan/friend Paul Staunton, we have been able to confirm that the mystery conga player is NOT Sam Clayton of Little Feat (as most of you insisted) but, rather, is indeed Sam Cox … Valerie Carter’s drummer (as I suspected :-)) Paul discerned that information by listening between all the cuts on the audio rendition of this entire show. Thanks, Paul.

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