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Congratulation on the new website!

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Hi, Orleans! 

Congratulations on the new website.  The layout is very user-friendly, and much easier to navigate than the previous version. 

I will be browsing and enjoying the site, as much as I enjoy listening to your music.  Have been a fan since the 70s and was able to see you live at the 2017 Rock and Romance Cruise - incredible harmonies and musicianship.  

I suppose that you do most of your recordings at your home studio facilities nowadays.  Would it be possible for you to do a tour of your home recording studios and describe your creative process, from song ideas to finished product?

All the best from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico!  


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Lance Hoppen
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Hi Orlando. Congrats on being the first to post to the Forum ... and apologies for the delayed response. it's busy around here!

As for your question(s) ... the answer would fill a long interview. Those are the kind of things we post on the More Orleans Interviews page.

As for MY home studio ... it's totally minimalist. I have one mic I use for vocals (on long-term loan from our audio engineer, Mike Malfesi) and couldn't even tell you what it is. For recording vocals and bass/guitars, I go through a Focusrite Scarlett 212 into my iMac. I use Audacity (a free program kinda like Pro Tools, etc) to capture clean WAV files. I send these off to Mike for processing. We do mixing and such at his REAL home studio. That's it.

However, I also use the platform to create vocal arrangements, singing all the parts. I then send those parts out to the guys so each can replace them with their own performances and send back to me. That's how we did the New Star Shining album, for example.

I do the same thing when we need to learn new tunes ... a kind of rehearsing by remote, since the 5 of us live in 3 different states.

Each of the guys have their own modest home setups. We make it work. 🙂

Thanks for the question.

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Hi Orlando,


Here is a picture of my set up.  I recorded several tracks on this set up for the Orleans Christmas album released last year.  I use a Sennheiser e602 as well as a Soloman sub kick on the bass drum (I didnt have the sub for the Orleans album but I use it on all my current projects).  On the snare I use a Shure SM 57, on the toms I use Earthworks DM 20's.  On my hi hat I use a Rode M3 and on I have two Rode M3's for overheads.  For vocals I use a Rode NT1. This all goes into my Forcusrite 18i20 which plugs into my PC.  I use a PC based DAW called Mixcraft which I have been using for many years.  Its simple and comes with some great plugins.   For the Orleans album, Lance would usually send me wavs of his bass, guitar (or keys) and a scratch vocal.  We also use a click track.  I would record my track and send it to him.  Then I send my tracks to Mike Malfesi for mixing.  I also record tracks for other folks.  Sometimes they want me to mix my drums for them.  I mix and master the drums and create a stero wav.  


I hope this helps explain our recording project just a bit more.




Brady Spencer



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Here's a couple more pics.



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One more.