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75 Live Harvard Square
This rare high-quality 1975 recording captures the original Orleans line-up of John Hall, Larry & Lance Hoppen and Wells Kelly at their creative and energetic peak. 

Orleans Live: Volumes 1&2
Captured at the Bearsville Theatre just outside of Woodstock, NY in 1990, this is the definitive Live Greatest Hits collection. Dance With Me, Still the One, Love Takes Time, Power, Let There Be Music … they’re all here — and more!

Still the One – Live
From the band members’ own personal libraries, this collection of “rare gems” performances spans over 30 years  … and includes some of the more obscure material and extended jams that made Orleans one of the rockin’est live bands ever! This companion CD picks up where Orleans Live Vol 1&2 leaves off … to go beyond the hits into the width and depth of Orleans in concert.
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***** These cuts are courtesy of the archives of long-time friend Sky Schrode. *****

Two Faced World

This live version of this stylistically-essential 1st album cut comes from a gig at the Salty Dog in Ithaca NY, 1973, where Orleans played countless gigs in our formative years. Fans who were around then will remember the sheer funk of The Dog … and of early Orleans music. The quartet is John Hall, Larry & Lance Hoppen and Wells Kelly.

Lane’s Tune

Larry wrote this never-recorded instrumental and named it after his youngest bro (long before he first entered the band roster), although he doesn’t recall why. This comes from a rehearsal at Turtle Creek Studio in Bearsville, NY (Woodstock) in the winter of 1976. Both Wells and then-newcomer, Jerry Marotta, are on drums.

Firefly Lover

John (and Johanna) Hall wrote this song based on a lyric he thought he heard in a Joni Mitchell song that wasn’t really there. Not to waste the idea, this song was born. This is from a show recorded at someplace called “The Habitat” (?) in 1974 and is again the original quartet. Strong R&B roots and the band’s improvisational style abound. Not to waste a good lick from this unrecorded gem, it appears John re-used the opening to launch “Sails”.

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