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Follow up to “1976 Video Unearthed” – blog Aug. 26 ’14

First of all, apologies to anyone who is having difficulty easily seeing or responding to this blogsite. It got “upgraded” (yeah, right) to the latest WordPress version and, ever since, I can’t seem to do much with it either. The font size is humongous and I can’t find where to adjust it, the “Add Media” function refuses to add any media (go figure!), etc. And it seems to have changed or erased all passwords for anyone who ever registered here. So, if you’re having trouble leaving a Comment, I apologize but don’t know what to tell you other than to re-register(?).

Now, as for the follow up news:

Thanks to fan/friend Paul Staunton, we have been able to confirm that the mystery conga player is NOT Sam Clayton of Little Feat (as most of you insisted) but, rather, is indeed Sam Cox … Valerie Carter’s drummer (as I suspected :-)) Paul discerned that information by listening between all the cuts on the audio rendition of this entire show. Thanks, Paul.

And that leads me to the even BIGGER news. Somehow Paul had access to ALL the audio and video flies for the rest of this 1976 set opening to Jackson Browne and he made them available to me!

The remaining 5 tracks are now posted to the OrleansOnline YouTube Channel and they are:

Let There Be Music
Spring Fever
If I Don’t Have You
Dance With Me

which, in sequence, precede Waking & Dreaming / The Bum, What I Need jam and Still the One, previously posted.

A variety of dimly remembered touches … like Larry’s feathered hat, the plastic tube taped to his mic that leads to the melodica, John singing sans guitar sitting on a stool, Wells’ piano playing … make this footage all the more interesting to this writer. I hope you get as many smiles out of it as I have.

One last thing … I said that the History of Orleans DVD is no longer in print, but I was wrong! I have been informed that copies ARE available at the links provided on our home website. True, the promo video is no longer up at YouTube or our site (due to some kind of copyright issue), but the DVD itself IS available. Just FYI.

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