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John Hall

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Orleans 1972

It’s hard to believe we started this band over 50 years ago (with Larry  Hoppen and Wells Kelly) … even harder to believe that We’re Still Havin’ Fun” today with Lane, Brady, Tom and Tony!

We’re very grateful for both those things, and we have YOU — our fans — to thank for it. So, it’s Payback Time!”

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*** The original demo of Half Moon, before we had our first recording contract

*** A live version of Two-Faced World from an early club gig (HOT!)

*** The original demo of Love Takes Time that started a bidding war between two 
      major record labels!

*** Some never-released songs … as well as a special remix of Mission of Mercy 
      (from the Dancin’ in the Moonlight album).

*** Speaking of which, how about a totally rare live version of Dancin’ in the Moonlight
      by the band that did it FIRST! (and I don’t mean King Harvest).

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Orleans 2023

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Orleans @ Midnight Special 1975