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Gigs in March – blog March 27 ’11

Gigs in March

After a long, long winter, what a way to get back in the saddle! March was FULL of Class-A gig experiences for both band and audience alike, beginning with …

March 3rd — Rock & Pop Masters at the Orlando, FL Hard Rock Hotel’s “LIVE” theater … John Cafferty & Tunes, Jimi Jamison, Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto) and The Temptations!

This was the second year we played for the cream of the crop of Holiday Inns International. Host John Sutherland sure knows how to throw a party! … from group dinner at The Palms the night before through the after-party at The Velvet Lounge.


March 11th — Orleans at Robert Boland Theater, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield Mass.

This was probably the surprise gig of the month. Everything about the way this show happened was done 1st-class by the staff at this school. Three days of on-air morning drive-time interviews for Larry and me just prior to the date was just part of the excellent promotion. As Charlie Morgan discovered while driving to Starbucks, four full-sized billboards was another.

BCCBillboardThe fact that they had independently decided to use two images … one of the band as it was in 1976 and the other as it is now … was a bit spooky in that this is exactly the kind of thing we had done for our new “Then and Now … Greatest Hits and MORE!” CD, which was sold over the table for the very first time at this gig!

RBTBowIt’s this kind of of appreciative crowd that makes playing small theater shows SO enjoyable. The connection between band and audience was palpable. If you were there, THANK YOU for making this a totally memorable night for us!

Special thanks goes to Jennifer Kerwood for her stellar handling of us and this show from start to finish.

March 12th — Orleans at The Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Casino …. with special guest Joe Bouchard

We always have a blast playing the Wolf Den, and this outing was no different.


Add Joe Bouchard to the mix (ex-Blue Oyster Cult), and you take the experience up a notch … whether it’s joining us on mandolin for Dance With Me


… or rockin’ out on The Reaper!


March 19th — The 7th Annual Weston, FL Rock & Pop Masters show

This year’s lineup featured Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie), Skip Martin (ex-Kool & the Gang), Wally Palmar (The Romantics), John Jorgensen (ex-Elton John, Desert Rose Band) and our friends from Germany, Robert Pabst and Janina.

This video is courtesy of our previously unknown friends at 2mundo2music.com. Whoever you are, WOW! Thanks a lot for posting this! Well done!

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