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In Memory of Artie Traum: 4/3/43 – 7/20/08 (blog: July 29 ’08)

In Memory of Artie Traum: 4/3/43 – 7/20/08

Today I bring you sad news of the passing of one of our dear old friends, Artie Traum.


Artie was a Woodstock neighbor and an extremely talented artist in his own right but, much more importantly, he was just one of the greatest guys you could ever hope to call “friend”.

In honor of Artie, we are offering for download the song “Poison Rain”, co-written by Artie and Larry, which has never been made available for download before. Unless you have the Orleans Live: Volume 2 CD (or the Japanese double CD set from which it came), it is likely you’re not even aware of this rare but beautiful Orleans recording.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Artie’s beloved wife, Beverly.

Please visit www.OrleansOnline.com/Artie.html , listen for free as you read about this wonderful man and, if you are called to do so, make the small donation of $1.50 (or more) for your Poison Rain download.

The family has put up a beautiful website with pictures, biography, and remembrances of Artie at www.artietraum.com. Learn more and hear some of Artie’s great music at his MySapce page.

Please visit and get to know, in retrospect, a truly remarkable soul.

On behalf of the Traum family, we thank you very much.

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