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John Hall is Still the One (more YouTube video) – blog Oct. 11 ’10

John Hall is Still the One (more YouTube video)

OK, we’re kinda biased.

True that John Hall is a long-time friend, colleague, and comrade.

True that we, as a group, tend to lean to the left.

True that, even when we don’t necessarily agree, we still have each others’ backs.

But beyond all that, it’s also true that former Orleans singer/songwriter/Founder John Hall has done good work on behalf of the common man during his two terms as a New York State Congressman. So, naturally we’d like to see him get elected to a third term in just a few weeks from now.

While his opponent’s cronies have been campaigning to get John out of office and back in the band (which is a whole ‘nuther story!), let’s face it … we already have enough guitar players around here at this point, right?

So, please, if you will, help support John’s re-election by circulating this video or, at the very least, head on over to YouTube to see what the guitar-slinging Congressman has concocted now!

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