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Larry’s take: new DVD (blog: Dec. 19 ’09)

Larry’s take: new DVD

We met Greg Rike after a Rock & Pop Masters show at Kennedy Space Center in December ’07. Frankly, it was a very hectic day; so, although we’d planned on filming an Orleans interview, the day went by: driving, soundcheck, dinner, changing, the show, Meet’n’Greet then winding down to drive home. But, we STILL hadn’t met Greg or his team to do the session!

As Lance and I walked to the interview room, we agreed it would need to be short, but also that we really should muster our energy, since these people had come a long way and they waited ALL DAY and EVENING!

Tired and not knowing what to expect, we gladly sat down.

We didn’t get up for maybe an hour and a half, because Greg was TOTALLY engaging! Fun to talk to/with and clearly someone who “gets it” even on first impression, Greg has since become an important part of Orleans’ and Rock & Pop Masters’ Teams. BONUS: Living nearby to me in Florida, I get to work with him on projects small and large, and we have become very good friends personally.

Regarding the “History of Orleans” DVD: I will just say that there are very few people I’ve known over 40 years of this music game to whom I’d entrust A LOT of irreplaceable, original memorabilia as ‘research’ and content material. What’s more, to let that person tell a story that involves not only my life and passion but those of my family and many very dear friends. Greg is on that short list, and he’s earned even more respect from me for the job he’s done with this DVD. So, repeat with me: “Greg is GOOD… Greg is GOOD…”

Lance and I only have one regret – if we’d known the results would turn out so well, we would’ve dressed better for the taping.

We all look forward to Volume 2, which will get done… in another 37 years!

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