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Orleans in Holland, April -14 ’08 part 4

After breakfast, we load into 2 vans and take the 3-hour ride from Arnhem to Groningen, arriving at the Martini Hotel. We are now in the land of Martini & Rossi .

Walking from the Martini Hotel to the club Huize Maas with Jack as our guide, the Martini Tower is dead ahead.
Below left is the shot of the tower from my cameraBelow right is the shot of me taking the shot of the tower, from Larry’s camera.

So I guess the shot of Jack, Larry and my backs is from Lane’s camera. 🙂

Incidentally — There must have been a half dozen fans who SERIOUSLY wanted to buy the Orleans Tour Jacket I was wearing right off my back! I’m sure I could have gotten a nice price, too! 🙂 But it was pretty chilly the whole time we were there. No matter how many layers I put on, I could never seem to get fully warmed up. So the LAST thing I wanted to do was sell the only thing that was keeping me from freezing!

I’ll tell you the same thing I told those fans — As of this writing, there are only TWO MORE of these Tour Jackets available at our online store. After they’re gone, that’s it! So, if you’re interested, I’d check on that right now!

Turning the corner, we come face to face with this store front. Not being one to miss a moment, Fly strikes a pose. This shot is SO politically incorrect that I hesitated toinclude it … but it’s so goofy I felt I had to!Forgive me?
Inside, the stage awaits. Another day, another soundcheck .
Speaking of goofy ... we arrive at the club to find Charlie has been there awhile --- perhaps a little too long?

Dance With Me (from Arnhem)
Check out the crowd’s enthusiasm! Great chorus singers!

Dancin’ in the Moonlight
Too bad about the lighting, but the performance is good!

And so the night … and the tour … comes to an end!

Elated but exhausted we head to the dressing room to decompress, change clothes and load out, only to discover that Lane has been keeping his European stardom a secret from the rest of us !!! How long has this ben going on?!?!?

No matter! Even the stamina of an Ex-Porn Star has its limits! We arrive back to the hotel at 1 AM. Lobby call to go to the airport is 4 AM. Lane’s body language just about sums up the way we are ALL feeling right about now.

A 2-hour drive to the Amsterdam airport … 2 hours in the airport itself … an 8-hour flight to Newark … a 3-hour layover … followed by a 2-hour flight home …. only 17 hours in transit to reach home base! Thanks to foam earplugs covered by Bose noise-cancelling headphones … plus an over-the-counter sleeping aid … I actually slept sitting up on the trans-Atlantic flight. Thank God! … ’cause this “day” is 31 hours long for me (add 7 hours from Holland to US Central Time Zone). Ah, the glamorous life of a Rock Star! 🙂

Orleans wishes to express our deep appreciation to all the fans who came out to see us in Holland! … also to Louie, Jack, Jonas, Percy and all the staff at The Level and Huize Maas for making this such a memorable trip!

We can’t wait to go back! (and there’s talk of that already … stay tuned!)

Video interview with Larry from his hotel room in Arnhem:

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