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Orleans in Holland, April 9-14 ’08

Orleans invades Holland … after 35 years!

April 9 – 13, 2008

tn_ORL_Burlap_Cvr_1In 1973, Orleans’ first album was released internationally. Received favorably in the states, it gathered a small but loyal number of fans. But nowhere were the fans more die-hard and supportive than in Holland … aka The Netherlands. So much so that, when ABC Records dropped us upon hearing our second album (now known as Orleans 2) and did NOT release Orleans_2that album in the states, they DID release it one place and one place only … you guessed it — Holland!

Fast forward 35 years and Orleans FINALLY got an opportunity to go to The Netherlands … which was our first time ever as a band to set foot on the European continent. Naturally, WE were very excited about it! … and, according to the Dutch fanmail, they agreed it was well-worth the wait!

Club “The Level” in Arnhem

“Yesterday I drove 100 miles to see you guys play at The Level in Arnhem, Holland. What a thrill, I had a blast! I had the time of my life, together with the rest of the audience. It was a joy to see the interaction between the audience and the band in almost every song. You made my day!”
Jan Cees Marijt

“It was not only an overwhelming experience for Orleans but also for the crowd. We’ve been waiting for you since your first album. Please, do come back again for some awesome concerts.”

Huize Maas, Groningen

“April the 13th your performance are excellent and extraordinary. My friends are very happy that I have point them that you are performing in Holland. I was there at Huize Maas and I loved it. I sing along and we have so much memories when we singing your songs.”
Macs Singadji

“I have to tell that it was awsome! Orleans did a fabulous concert, and it was great to hear that their voices stayed the same as ever. We all really enjoyed the concert, and we would like to see them again here in Holland! We were standing just in front of the band, and we were having a great time!”
Peggy Wilten

“A big thanks to you and the crew for the great show you guys gave us last Saturday night at The Level in Arnhem. My partner Wendy and I are both British and live near Dover in England. We travelled up to Holland (about a 6 hour journey each way) to see the band live for the very first time. Having followed Orleans since “Dance With Me” first hit in Europe, I was beginning to think that I’d never get to see Orleans live. For me this was a chance not to be missed and wow did you guys deliver! Being an ex-musician myself (and having previewed the live stuff on YouTube) I expected the band to be good but you guys far exceeded my hopes and expectations in every department!”
Clive Lonie

The Invasion Begins

Andy & Charlie prepare to repack

Having just finished 3 dates in the NorthEast US, with a day off in Woodstock, NY, it was time to regroup and prepare for the next wave of the tour. A little R&R, a trip to the laundromat, a run to the pharmacy (to help with the long flight :-), and we’re good to go!

Leaving from Newark (NJ) Airport at 6:30 PM Eastern time, we arrive in Amsterdam at 8:30 AM local time but, since there is a 6-hour time change, our bodies believe it’s still 2:30 in the morning! No matter — it’s already tomorrow and time to get going!

Our Limousine Awaits!

We are met by Jack, our local tour manager, along with his helpers, Jonas and Percy, who treat us to breakfast and then spirit us away to the hotel in Arnhem.

Eric the Red

After a much-needed nap, I arise and look out my window to see this sight, across the street, painted on the side of the building. It’s HUGE! I learn it is a comic book-like rendering of Eric the Red, which has been there since the 1950s!

A nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant and it’s already time for bed. Day 1 successfully navigated!

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, the first order of business is an “unplugged” performance (meaning no drums or electric guitars) at Omroep_Gelderland — a TV/radio/Internet broadcasting facility.


tn_Studio_2Going out live on radio and the Internet, we did the obvious – Dance With Me and Still the One – with questions addressed to Larry.

Check out the Dutch interviewer’s voiceover at the start of Dance With Me. He spoke fluent English and went back and forth between the two languages as he interviewed Larry, translating to both his English and Dutch-speaking listeners. HE SPOKE SO FAST! If I can get my hands on the actual interview footage, I will include that here ASAP, too.

Meanwhile, the cameraman seemed to have a particular affinity to Lane, even when he was NOT the featured performer. 🙂


The studio had invited just a few guests to witness the shoot. Among them were fans and new friends Jimmy and Jacklien Bronkhorst … musicians, of course. Jacklien is a singer who will reappear in this story later on. We got this group shot in front of the very cool backdrop of the studio wall.

Lane, Fly, Jimmy and Jacklien Bronkhorst, Lance and Larry

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