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Orleans Newsletter August 26, ’07

Welcome to the August edition of the Orleans Newsletter.
Thank YOU for being here!

Now that we have a brand new website, we also have a brand new and improved format for this newsletter! If you like knowing what’s going on, just READ ON!

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Topics covered in this E-zine:

Larry & John twinnin’ it on the solo of “Still the One”
photo by Ben Risatti

1. PBS
2. SONY/BMG Live CD Available
3. What ELSE has been going on? (new website)
4. What’s coming up (DVD)
5. Gigs?
6. Cool Links

1. PBS “My Music” Concert Series

Orleans taped a segment for PBS in  May of 2006, to be part of the “My Music: The 70s Experience” show in their series of music-driven fundraisers.

PBS began airing the show the first weekend of August! Hurray!
(check your local listings)

We’ve been waiting for this kickoff for over a year now. The GOOD NEWS is that Orleans appears 3 times in the first 15 minutes of the show  … “Still   the One” is the 3rd song of the program, there is some interview footage featuring Larry and John, etc… so don’t tune in late! Fire up those TIVOs (or VCRs, if you’re still stuck in the 80s, like me :-).

Over 20 acts of the era each deliver their bit of nostalgia; some timelessly classic, some not so much … but ALL of it designed to reawaken in you an awareness of where we all were, “way back when”.

And you know what they say — if you can remember the 70s, you weren’t really there!

Oops! My apologies — the original schedule had Orleans as the ONLY act to have more than one song in the program! However, the final schedule had Peter Rivera (of Rare Earth) as the artist with that distinction. Peter both opens and closes the show! Good for you, mate!

We often get to play with Peter on various gigs … some co-bills with his “Classic Rock All-Stars” band … but mostly in the context of RPM (Rock & Pop Masters). Check it out at www.RPMConcerts.com !

Please check your local listings for the time and channel in your area. This PBS show will air repeatedly, so please hip your buds to this not-to-be-missed coolness! Be there … or be square.

In addition, PBS is talking to us about putting a live collection of 70s artists on tour — with Orleans as the “house band”! That means we would not only be a featured artist, we would be the backup band for all the other artists! How cool is that?

There MAY be a test weekend for this in the MidWest in November, but any real touring won’t start until Spring. Stay tuned for developments!

tn_ORL_We_reSHFun_Cvr_LoRez2. New SONY/BMG CD Available Online

Orleans’ “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” CD was released by SONY/BMG in June.

The CD is a collection of 10 tracks from the soon-to-be-released DVD as audio-only … spanning our musical history from ’73 (Please Be There) right up to a couple of never-before-recorded tunes!

graphics by Alan Clegg


Although you might be able to find it at WalMart, etc. we can offer it to you right off the site! And, as a BONUS, we are including an EXCLUSIVE, SIGNED, POSTER with every CD! … which you can ONLY get by purchasing through us.

We’re extending our special introductory price offer until the end of the month, but then it disappears! Better run right over there and get yours!

3. What ELSE Has Been Going On???

Have you seen it yet? The new website, I mean.

The first phase was the “face lift” … and that’s DONE!. So, what’s in it for YOU?

Check out the Photo Gallery and the Video Gallery … way more where that came from! And for those who need to know, there’s enough Bio info to choke a horse! Never miss a gig by consulting the Tour Dates page… and don’t forget the Music & Merch shop!

Behind the scenes, we’re continuing to build a more fan-oriented, fan-friendly, interactive site … full of as many features we can concoct to give YOU, our fans, the most fun possible.

Our Angel – Donna Rougeau

Orleans‘ newest dear friend and ally is Donna Rougeau. Not just a total sweetheart, this world-class Internet Marketing trainer is literally donating her time and massive expertise to our cause. Talk about angels on Earth! We’ve got one right here!

Before long and with Donna’s help, we will have the site totally rockin’ for YOUR enjoyment — including an interactive Blog and a Forum, maybe even some Podcasts … Just takes a little time.

After all, our mantra is “We’re still havin’ fun”, is it not? So, how can we help YOU to still be havin’ fun, too? That’s what we’re setting out to discover and implement.

Your feedback is always welcome at orleans_online@yahoo.com

Now, more than ever, there are reasons to be on our email list. So, please, tell your friends that Orleans is still havin’ fun … and so can they.

Gigs in August

Thanks goes out to the Promotion Staff and all the fans who attended the Lebanon, CT Country Fair on Aug. 12th.

The stand-out gig of the month was “Rockin’ the Bay” in Thunder Bay, Ontario on Aug. 18th. This multi-act show featured us with Tommy Tutone (“Jenny, Jenny” …867-5309). Bay City Rollers (now that’s a name you don’t hear often 🙂 opened the show. Rick Derringer‘s band wound up being the closer (excellent!), since Edgar Winter and band were left stranded in Phoenix due to flight cancellations. That bug must have been going around, ’cause our outbound flight was also cancelled, resulting in an extra day stay for us. My kingdom for a tour bus!!!

The Sleeping Giant
(head to the left)

Thunder Bay, home town of “Late Night’s” bandleader, Paul Shaefer, is also the home of  “The Sleeping Giant”. Fly used this to good advantage during the performance of “Mall Cop” when he quipped, “I’ve got your sleeping giant right here, baby!” 🙂

Not hip to “Mall Cop”? Watch for the video release on YouTube … and as a special feature on the “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD … in September!

Out of nowhere, fan and new friend Greg Malo appeared backstage before the set. He had run off from his paid gig to be sure to make our show on time — and to offer us his services for NUTHIN’! All he asked for was a signed print at the end … and here’s only SOME of what he gave us in return. Thanks Greg!



Thunder Bay also saw the debut of Larry’s new “spring heels” shoes. What?!?!?
tn_Larry_s_shoes_-_closeupYup … Spring-Heeled Shoes for aging rock n’ rollers! … are reported by Larry to be very good for alleviating back pain and other ailments of middle-aged rockers by putting some “spring in your step”!
Larry highly endorses the “Gerald McBoing-Boing” model (shown here). Comes in both black and white! (pics by Cheryl Eckler)

The boys in the band doing the
meet & greet/signing thing after show.
And laughing through all
of the above are
Cheryl and Donna!

The manufacturer is supposedly working on a rocket-fuel powered pair that will let Larry leap tall buildings in a single bound! Stay tuned!


4. What’s Coming Up? … Orleans “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD!

tn_DVD_CoverGood News! Our distributor and long-time friend, Joe Reagoso at FridayMusic.com, is making it possible for us to release the first-ever “Orleans In Concert” DVD (also entitled “We’re Still Havin’ Fun”) in-house.

The DVD will finally become available some time in September!
So, what’s in it?

1) As many as 16 tracks, spanning the history of the band from the early days right on up to some previously recorded material …
2) Interview footage with all the members of the band (including both John and Fly) PLUS a special guest or two …
3) The National Anthem sung at Fenway Park, July 2006
4) A secret special add-on performance of ???

We know that many of you have been waiting for this release for a long time … Won’t be long, now. And remember … as list members, you’ll be the first to know! Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if we come up with something special to reward you for your patience and support 🙂

5. Gigs?

September will be a very busy month, beginning on:

Thursday, August 30th
NY State Fair in Syracuse
with Eddie Money

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 1st & 2nd
RPM A Taste of Madison, WI

Saturday, Sept. 15th
Harrah’s, Reno, NV

Friday, Sept. 21st
Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA

Saturday, Sept. 22nd
Boulton Center, Bayshore, NY
(the Hoppens’ home town!)

Sunday, Sept. 23rd
BB King’s, NYC

Please check the Tour Dates page periodically for details & updates about live shows.

6. The Best of Cool Links!

Some of my favorites from previous issues  🙂

Japanese Game Show

Vince Gill & Rodney Crowell

Coliutta, Gadd & Weckl

Andy McKee

John Sebastian & Friends

If YOU have a Cool Link to share, please send it to orleanssupport@gmail.com


As for me —

Hope you’re enjoying the new web stuff at least half as much as I am creating it. Feedback is always welcome at orleanssupport@gmail.com

Special thanks to my new friend, ally and mentor coach for all things Internet — Donna Rougeau. Welcome to the Team!

Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of all of Orleans)

PS — please forward the newsletter to ALL of your friends, so they may choose to sign up and receive “the good stuff”, too! (see the one-click function at the top of the email)

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