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Orleans Newsletter Feb. 22, ’07

The New Look Website Header Graphic
courtesy of Alan Clegg


Sorry for the late notice on this event, but it’s been a bit hectic around here. I’ll explain below.

But first things first!


Friday, February 23rd @ 5-6 PM EST

Larry and I will be doing an online “radio” show, featuring stories about and music from our latest studio CD, “Dancin’ in the Moonlight”. Please join us with host Kristin Stycket.

To read more, go directly to


This show will be archived on their website, so you will actually be able to pull it up and download it any time after it’s been posted at

Shawn Gallaway
click the picture to see the
“I Choose Love” video



While you’re at the ContactTalkRadio.com Home page, look for the link to listen to and/or download the CTR theme song. Why?

It was written and performed by my songwriting partner, Shawn Gallaway … but who do you think the band is? One guess!

Shawn — lead vocal, ac gtrs
Lance —- producer, bass, all bg vocals
Larry —– elec gtrs
Lane —– synths
Charlie — drums and percussion

Also, we are taping a similar show for


When I have an air date for that, I’ll let you know.


Normally, I’d say you can catch up on some of what we’ve been up to by visiting the Tour Diary page and other links found on the Home page of http://www.orleansonline.com/

The view from the pool at the Mafolie
Hotel, where we stayed on St. Thomas,
overlook in Charlotte Amalie and cruise
ships in the harbor.
Yeah, it’s rough, but somebody has to do it!

… but there are some weird glitches happening on the site right now. So, depending on when you go there, the Tour Diary (blog) page and the Touring (dates) page may or may not have anything on them. We’re working on it.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief travelogue of the last 10 days or so:

On Tuesday, Feb. 13th, we all converged on Foxwoods Casino in eastern CT for a return gig. This time, we played the BB King Club there. All was great … until it was time to leave.

Fly had driven in from Gloucester, MA and had the good sense to hit the highway that night after the show. But Larry, Lane and Charlie had flown in from Orlando, while I had flown from Nashville.

All day long we heard, “The weather is coming! The weather is coming!” I had a great sense of relief when the ground transportation people called (woke) me early Wednesday morning (Valentine’s Day) to tell me that, although all flights to Orlando had been cancelled, MY flight was delayed only 15 minutes. Terrific luck! … or so I thought.

Sapphire Bay, site of the
1st Annual Dancin’ in the Moonlight
fundraiser gig!

Within a couple of hours, the Providence RI airport was closed completely. Scrambling for a Plan B, we managed to reserve a mini-van at the airport.

Long story short, the 4 of us headed out into the nasty New England rain/sleet/snow/ice/wind at about Noon EST on Wednesday … and arrived in Nashville around 6 AM CST on Thursday — a trip of 19 hours! Grabbing some much-needed rest, I saw the Floridians off on their 4:30 PM flight home.

Now, there’s a whole lot more to this story … like the heroic efforts of Charlie Morgan as he drove those last 4 hours into Nashville, the ramifications of missing Valentine’s Day while trapped in the bowels of a mini-van, etc. … but we won’t go there now. Maybe when the Tour Diary page comes back, I’ll elaborate.

Thursday night, all of us did the quick-turnaround thing and got on planes the next morning, bound for St. Thomas USVI (thank God!), where we spent Friday through Monday soaking up some much-needed Caribbean R&R as we played the 1st Annual (we hope) Dancin’ in the Moonlight show on Sapphire Bay. Thank you SO much, Jim Tunick and Steve Simon.

Aboard Jim & Becky Tunick’s 55-ft cabin cruiser,
Gypsy Spirit. Straight ahead and down to the
living quarters (sleeps 5), up to the bridge and
beyond. A truly magnificent vessel!

Just wanted to give you a sense of where we’ve been. Glamorous, ain’t it? (especially that 19-hour drive 🙂 Even if it means having to leave paradise, it’s good to be home!

Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of all of Orleans)

PS — please forward this to ALL of your friends, so they may choose to sign up and receive “the good stuff”, too! (see the one-click function at the top of this email)

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