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Orleans Newsletter Jan. 26, ’07

It’s only Rock ‘N Roll … But We LIKE IT!!!


Welcome to the January edition of the Orleans Newsletter. We are grateful for you being here. We really appreciate it!

If you’re new around here, you can catch up on some of what we’ve been up to by visiting the Tour Diary page and other links found on the Home page of http://www.orleansonline.com/ 

We’re digging deep for some special perk downloads for List Members Only! The next batch will come from the very early days. Should be ready for posting next issue.

Topics covered in this E-zine:
1. S.A.S.S. Fundraiser Gig in Toronto
2. Cool Links
3. Updates on …
     DVD Progress
     SONY/BMG “Extended Versions” CD
4. Gigs?
5. Oprah and The Secret
6. Michael Brecker


After the Show
Artemis Chartier, Co-Founder of SASS
and one-woman army of concert promotion
is all smiles after a successful show at
the Markham Theatre.
Surrounded by Orleans members (L-R)
Lance Hoppen, Fly Amero, Larry Hoppen
and Lane Hoppen.

1. S.A.S.S Fundraiser Gig in Toronto

Just got back from Toronto, Canada, and the show for S.A.S.S — the School Alliance of Student Songwriters.

Read all about it on the Tour Diary page at http://www.orleansonline.com/TourDates.html

There is simply too much to say about the good work S.A.S.S. is doing with school kids in Canada — and soon in the US, too — and not enough room here to say it. Please visit them at http://www.sasscanada.net/


Charlie Morgan
Making lemonade at the SASS
pre-show dinner

The goals of S.A.S.S. are to support young people as they express themselves through songwriting in a safe environment. Joining forces with school boards, S.A.S.S. provides free guidance in the art of songwriting as well as opportunities to connect with other artists. Ultimately, S.A.S.S. challenges youth to make their world a better place through love and music.

2. Cool Links!

Attention Drummer Lovers!!! 3 of the best in one place! Incredible performance!

Click on the angel to see the video. Please vote to “Put this on TV”. Thanks.

RPM — “All hits, all the time!”
Rock & Pop Masters is on THIS SUNDAY night @ 11pm EST – Orlando PBS (WMFE)
Please check it out! … And PLEASE tell friends who live in the Orlando area, THANKS.

3. Updates on …

Orleans DVD in post-production now

The first-ever “Orleans In Concert” DVD is on target to be ready for release in April or May of 2007. This week we are finishing up the final audio mixes (hurray!). Then John Marsden will move into selecting the video edits. We’re getting there!

We are also seeing about re-releasing the 1990 Japan Tour Laser Disc in DVD format, concurrent with the new DVD release. If we can do that (and why not?), we will be offering a special 2-fer package deal to YOU! Stay tuned.

Orleans DVD Big Band
Charley Dechant, Larry, Fly, John Hall,
Lance, Lane, Charlie Morgan,
Manuel Quintana


Orleans will have a CD released by SONY/BMG in their “Extended Versions” series some time in 2007. This is a budget line (only $6.98) of 10 live recordings by the artist.

In a change-of-plan thought process, we have decided to use this opportunity to release 10 tracks from the soon-to-be-released DVD as audio-only. That way, the public at large will be exposed to our most current work and YOU will be able to have most of the DVD music to play in your car, etc.

We plan on delivering the “master” of our choices before the end of February. Not sure how long it will take them to release it, but we think it will come out about the same time as the DVD — April or May!

That means that the live tracks from the “lost years” — early/mid-90s, Bob Leinbach and Peter O’Brien in the band, tunes from “Analog Men”and “Live Volume 2” –— will STILL be around to be made available in some form.

Pretty cool, huh?

4. Gigs?

We have a trio show (Larry, Lance & Fly) on February 3rd in Jupiter, Florida at The Maltz Theater.

We have a date at Foxwoods Casino in eastern Connecticut on Tuesday, Feb. 13th. This time we’re in the B.B. King Club.

Orleans will be taking a trip to St.Thomas, V.I. to play a “Dancin’ in the Moonlight” show on February 17th. Be there or be square!

Please check www.OrleansOnline.com/TourDates.html periodically for updates about live shows.

5. Oprah and The Secret

Previously, I’ve shared with you my enthusiasm for the movie, “The Secret”. Apparently, more and more people are being moved to share this info.

This message comes from one of The Secret contributors, James Arthur Ray.

Oprah is hosting a show dedicated to “The Secret”, tentatively scheduled to air LIVE on January 31st.

In order to capture the real essence of “The Secret”, Oprah has selected Rhonda Byrne, the producer, as well as four of The Secret’s teachers: Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Michael Beckwith and  James Arthur Ray.

They will be discussing how the Law of Attraction works and providing hands on tools that the viewers can use to change their lives in a positive way.

See the first 20 minutes here for free:

6. Michael Brecker

Very sad news in musicland. Sax great and all around good guy, Michael Brecker, passed on earlier this month at the age of only 57.

We had the pleasure of having Michael play on “Spring Fever” way back in ’76. Consummate pro and master that he was, burnt out after a red-eye from NY to LA, he still managed to lay down some burnin’ tracks!


Our condolences go to his family and close friends.

Lance’s 1970 Mercedes 280SE/c

As for me —

I’ve got a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280SE coupe for sale. Been fixing it up this past year. It’s a rare classic in great shape! Not a show car, but a really good “daily driver”! Asking $17,500 … and worth it. Anyone interested? Email orleanssupport@gmail.com

One last thing!

If you’re a Beatles fan and have NOT picked a copy of “The Beatles: Love” CD, you don’t know what you’re missing. Sir George Martin and son Giles have done a magical job of creating this collage, utilizing pieces and parts from the original masters, arranged in tasteful and heretofore unheard of combinations. A MUST for any Beatlephile!


OK. That’s more than enough for one sitting.

Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of all of Orleans)

PS — please forward this to ALL of your friends, so they may choose to sign up and receive “the good stuff”, too! (see the one-click function at the top of this email)

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