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Orleans Newsletter June 29, ’07


Welcome to the June edition of the Orleans Newsletter. Thank YOU for being here!

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Topics covered in this E-zine:
1. New SONY/BMG Live CD Released
2. What ELSE has been going on?
3. What’s coming up?
     PBS “My Music” Series
     New Website
4. Gigs?
5. Cool Links

Orleans “We’re Still Havin’ Fun”
live CD on Sony/BMG
10 New Tracks from the upcoming DVD
graphics by Alan Clegg

1. New SONY/BMG Live CD Released

Orleans‘ “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” CD has just been released by SONY/BMG in their “Extended Versions” series.

This is a budget line of 10 live recordings by the artist. We decided to use this opportunity to release 10 tracks from the soon-to-be-released DVD as audio-only. That way, the public at large will be exposed to our most current work and YOU will be able to have most of the DVD music to play in your car, etc.

Although you should be able to find it at WalMart, etc. we are trying to acquire as many copies as we can ASAP, so we can offer them to you right off the site. Stay tuned!

Orleans at DCCC Fundraiser
(Larry, Fly, Charlie, John, Lane & Lance)

2. What ELSE Has Been Going On???

Small World! (but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it 🙂

When we arrived at the Fri June 8 gig at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, CA (near Sacramento), weren’t we surprised to find that the head of production for the facility is Mark Harmon, who was the recording engineer responsible for having captured a few of the live cuts we put on the Still the One LIVE: 30th Anniversary Retrospective. (If you don’t have that CD yet, … well ????)

Sat June 9 found us at the Beaumont, CA Cherry Festival (east of LA). Great to see some old and very dear friends there!

Sat June 16 – Thanks to all the gracious people at the Community Event in Copake, NY

Speaker Nancy Pelosi intros Orleans
(that’s us lurking in the wings!)
at DCCC Fundraiser. The event was held
at the Columbus Club, Union Station
in downtown Washington, DC

But the BIG news is about Wed June 20 … the Fundraiser for DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) with John Hall in Washington, DC. This convergence of Rock ‘n’ Rollers and Politicos was a bit surreal … unique and weirdly cool … one for the record books and hard to describe. Guess you had to be there. Let’s just say that we were honored to have Speaker Pelosi introduce us … and to help out the cause of keeping guys like John in office.

Sat June 23 – Augusta, GA with Poco and Firefall. This is a GREAT triple bill, and we hope to be doing more of these shows around the country.

3. What’s Coming Up?

Orleans “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD!

Good news, bad news. The bad news is that there is nothing new to report about securing proper distribution for the first-ever “Orleans In Concert” DVD. The good news is this gives us time to add even more new and different footage to it.

BOTH the DVD and the CD, separately and as a set, will eventually be available for purchase at OrleansOnline.com but, for now, it’s still “in the can”. Sorry. We’ll remedy that ASAP.

PBS “My Music” Concert Series

Orleans taped a segment for PBS in May of 2006, to be part of the “70s Soft-Rock Celebration” show in their “My Music” series of fundraisers. PBS will begin airing the show in August. More details as we get them!

So far, this is only an idea PBS wishes to implement, but it is very possible that they will put a live version of this collection of 70s artists on tour — with Orleans as the “house band”! How cool would that be?

New Website Coming

And, as my mom used to say (yours, too?), “so is Christmas!” It’s not that it’s so hard to build, it’s just hard finding the time to build it. Still …

Behind the scenes, we’re building a new fan-oriented, fan-friendly, interactive website … full of as many features we can concoct to give YOU, our fans, the most fun possible. After all, our mantra is “We’re still havin’ fun”, is it not? So, how can we help YOU to still be havin’ fun, too? That’s what we’re setting out to discover and implement.

Now, more than ever, there will be reasons to be on our email list. So, please, tell your friends that Orleans is still havin’ fun … and so can they!

Getting ready to do several gigs with
old friend and fellow Woodstocker,
Robbie Dupree
(Steal Away, Hot Rod Hearts)
Why is Lance laughing at him?
‘Cause he’s a VERY funny guy!

4. Gigs?

Saturday, June 30
Private Wedding Event w/ Robbie Dupree
Woodstock, NY

Thursday, July 5
Private party — Orleans trio
Snowmass, CO

Friday, July 6
Peak Potentials “Seminar of the Century”
Private Training Event
Orleans & Friends w/ special guests Jimi Jamison, David Jenkins  (Pablo Cruise), Robbie Dupree & Shawn Gallaway
Snowmass, CO

Saturday, July 7
Private Wedding Event
Orleans & Friends w/ special guests Jimi Jamison, David Jenkins  (Pablo Cruise), and Robbie Dupree.
Snowmass, CO

Saturday, July 12
Mother Lode Fair
Sonora, CA

Friday, July 13 – 8 PM
Kenley Centennial Amphitheater
Layton, UT

Saturday, July 14 – 8 PM
Sandy City Amphitheater
Sandy, UT

Saturday, July 28 – 7:30 PM
Larry Hoppen and Robbie Dupree
(with Manuel Quintana & Al Ferrante) to benefit the Food Bank of Austin, Mass
Academy Of Music Opera House
North Hampton, MA

Please check www.OrleansOnline.com/TourDates.html periodically for more info and updates about live shows.

5. Cool Links!

The Zoom Quilt
A bit of a Magical Mystery Tour

Run your car on water?
MORE – Run your car on water?
These are just TWO of several new clean alternative energy source technologies already available or in development. WHY, then, are none of these being utilized?

NPR on Sgt. Pepper’s 40th Birthday
It was 40 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play …

Yet another interview with Larry Hoppen
For those who need to know!

If YOU have a Cool Link to share, please send it to orleanssupport@gmail.com

Proud and happy mama
Sonia Lee Cavola & baby CJ

As for me —

Just wanted to send out our congratulations to 1st-time mom, my friend and hair stylist, singer-songwriter Sonia Lee Cavola. Mom, little baby CJ and father Chris are all doing well.


OK. That’s WAY more than enough for one sitting.

Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of all of Orleans)

PS — please forward this to ALL of your friends, so they may choose to sign up and receive “the good stuff”, too! (see the one-click function at the top of this email)

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