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Orleans Newsletter March 19, ’08

Gigs – Past and Future
RPM in Weston, FL & Upcoming Orleans Shows

Hey there!

Spring has sprung in Nashville, TN! Just today the blossoms opened on the trees in my front yard … and ALL OVER TOWN!

As a matter of fact, Spring Fever has sprung on the  Home page of OrleansOnline.com. We just HAD to add that tune to the beginning of the music sampler! Check it out!


Orleans hits the highway for Spring Tour

Orleans is just about to hit the road for a 3-week string of dates that start in Tampa, FL (4 days at Busch Gardens) … then head to the northeast … and finally take us across the great pond to the Netherlands!

We’re very excited about all of this … especially the dates in our home towns of Bay Shore, Long Island (where the Hoppens grew up) and Bearsville, NY (Woodstock), where Orleans grew up!

Not to mention our eager anticipation of playing in Holland … our first EVER appearance in Europe!

And the 4-day “sit down” at Busch Gardens … 3 shows a day! … will really give us a chance to try out a bunch of new and revitalized material we’ve been working on, so we can be RED-HOT when we head north and east!

You can get the details on these and all other dates coming up at www.OrleansOnline.com/TourDates.html

We hope to see YOU at one or more of these shows!


RPM plays Weston, Florida

Meanwhile, our sister project, RPM (Rock & Pop Masters), played an outstanding 3-hour performance in the town of Weston, FL on March 1st. Orleans played there 3 years ago, RPM 2 years ago, and now the triumphant return — which featured these great artists:

Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals)
Rick Derringer (The McCoys, etc.)
Jimi Jamison
Alex Ligertwood (formerly with Santana) and
Ronnie Hammond (Atlanta Rhythm Section)

… plus, of course, Larry Hoppen singing the Orleans hits.

The line between Orleans and RPM continues to blur as 4 out of 5 Orleans guys comprise 4 out of 6 of the core RPM band. And it’s THAT band that plays backup to all these great Classic Rock singers, all on the same stage at the same time!

Not sure what all the commotion is about?

You can read all about it at the RPM in Weston page.

PLENTY of pictures to go with the story, but not a word from yours truly. Instead, we’ve imported a review of the show from Dave White’s popular Classic Rock Blog.

See for yourself what reviewer Jim Smith had to say about this mulit-act, multi-hour extravaganza of a show!


A Request, with Rewards!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence … waiting for the right time … missed the Xmas Specials … hoping for some good bonus reasons to buy our “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD, you’re about to get some!

The DVD has hit the shelves of brick & mortar at FYE — the only real “Tower Records” type chain left out there. AND it’s moving OFF the shelves, which is good news for us! 🙂

In order for FYE to continue to take us seriously, we need your help!

We know that many of you already have a copy of the DVD and that most of you who ever thought of buying a copy have already done so, BUT …

In an effort to give you a compelling reason to head on over to your local FYE store and pick up a new copy, we’ve been gathering a package of Bonus GiveAways to go with every DVD bought through FYE —

… mp3s of rare, hard-to-get recordings, in-house production graphics, unedited audio interviews …

In a few days, after we’ve got this whole thing ready, we’ll be sending you an announcement email, detailing all the freebie bonuses that will come your way if you decide to help us at retail … while helping yourself to a copy of the “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD.

Stay tuned … and thanks in advance!


FREE BONUSES, Bonuses and MORE Bonuses!

Congrats on being one of the smart ones … or maybe just the truly interested ones … who subscribed and verified your desire to receive these transmissions. We appreciate that interest.

As such, we will do our best to reward you by keeping these epistles informative, lively and, above all else, FUN!

Sure, we’ll have some stuff to hawk from time to time (and you can buy or not, as you wish) but, for the most part, the purpose of these newsletters is to keep you abreast of our travels and evolution; to spin stories and lend insights into what makes Orleans tick.

By design, you won’t see a lot of pictures here and there won’t be a lot to read on this page. You WILL be given some overviews and links to the web pages where the full stories will unfold for you in living color.

Whether you’re brand new or have been here for a while, feel free to revisit the FREE DOWNLOADS page 

There are now a total of TEN audios available — compiled from the various bonuses we’ve given out this past year or so.

Of course, we will continue to send more free stuff your way over time. Meanwhile, make sure you’ve gotten all there is so far, and …

While you’re at it, you might want to visit the Video Gallery, where there are LOTS of cool videos old and new.

Thanks again for hangin’ in there. We hope you enjoy reading at least half as much as we enjoy writing to you!


Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of the entire Orleans Ground Crew)

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