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Orleans Newsletter Nov. 30, ’07

Welcome to the November edition of the Orleans Newsletter.
Thank YOU for being here! Hope you like this new and improved format! READ ON!

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Topics covered in this E-zine:

1. What’s been happenin’?
    New Audio Sampler
    DVD Holidays Specials!
    Wolfgang’s Vault!
    Rep. John Hall Article
2. What’s next?
    New Blog
    Time to Resubscribe (with a Bonus!
3. Gigs?
4. Cool Links
5. Recaps

Before I get going here, I just want to take this moment to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for your support of Orleans over the years … especially those of you who take the time to read this newsletter, stay abreast of what’s happening in our world, and make it a part of YOUR world. If not for YOU, we would not be here … period!

Here’s a belated Happy Thanksgiving (to all our U.S. friends) and an early Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Happy Kwaansa/fill-in-the-blank 🙂 holidays season to ALL of our friends around the world! We love YOU!

“We’re Still Havin’ Fun”
*** Holidays Specials ***
Get a FREE “Still the One: Live” CD
(includes the Christmas ballad
“New Star Shining”) with every order
… AND get a discount when you
purchase a “We’re Still Havin’ Fun”
DVD/CD combo set!
Concert footage, exclusive
Interviews with the band, Special
Feature Extras …

NOW available online!

1. What’s Been Happenin’???

There’s a new Audio Sampler up on the OrleansOnline.com Home page … and it starts with our Christmas ballad, “New Star Shining”. Now you can get that song (and 16 other tunes) for FREE!

How? Just read on!

The “We’re Still Havin’ Fun” DVD is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! And RIGHT NOW, in the Spirit of the Holidays, we are giving away FREE CDs and discounts when you order the DVD. Click here for full details!

Don’t miss this opportunity to have Orleans perform live, right in your own living room … at a Special price!

16 tracks of concert footage, spanning the history of the band from the early days right on up to some previously unrecorded material!

Grab this disc for your video collection NOW and keep it handy, ‘cause you’ll be watching it often!

Here’s what one early-bird viewer had to say:

“I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with the live DVD. Honestly, given the wait and the inconsistent quality of many other music DVDs, I was sort of expecting to be disappointed – but I was wrong. Not only is the music terrific, but the videography is outstanding and the construct of the story that is told is really, really well done. It seemed to pick up speed and interest as it went along. I also loved the juxtapositioning of the pictures from the 70’s with the current performance. As a website and video guy I appreciate the difficulty in doing this at all, let alone doing it as effectively as you have done here. Anyway, I am so grateful to you for generating the DVD.”
— (our thanks to Don Liebson from Manhattan Beach, CA, for this unsolicited testimonial)

What’s up with Mall Cop?

The “story” Don refers to is the interview footage from each of us, woven throughout the concert.

Good news! The DVD contains our performance of the National Anthem at Fenway Park, Boston!

MORE good news! We’ve included “Mall Cop” on the disc! If you haven’t yet seen or heard Fly’s offbeat comedic blues tune yet, you can now — released in TWO video versions on YouTube, with the full-length feature on the DVD.

Tell your friends. could use a good laugh, too!


NEW! Travel Back In Time!

Hear Orleans perform live at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ — May 5th, 1977

Wolfgang’s Vault is arguably
the web’s BEST source for
Rock ‘n ‘Roll memorabilia.
One of their specialties is the
remastering and release
of “vintage live concerts”.

We are VERY pleased and proud to announce that Wolfgang’s Vault has just released a live show of ours from 1977.

It turns out that the world-renowned audio mixer, Dinky Dawson (who we were lucky enough to have as our live sound mixer back in the day), is on the crew doing the audio work at Wolfgang’s Vault. He has unearthed some CASSETTE tapes, taken right off the mixing console that, believe it or not, translate extremely well.

Wells, Larry, Jerry, Lance & John

This show from May of ’77 is apparently just the first of several that will be released by Wolfgang’s Vault … and we couldn’t be happier about that.

If you’re not familiar with Jerry Marotta‘s or Wells Kelly‘s drumming (or Wells’ keyboard chops, songs and vocals), this is a great way to step back in time and get an earful of all that … as well as hear a few tunes we played live back then that have never reached a CD anywhere!

While we’re at it — you can learn more about Dinky Dawson in his book, “Life on the Road” (Billboard Books). When he’s not discussing his time with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds or Steely Dan (among others), he actually manages to squeeze in a whole chapter about his time with Orleans!

Here’s a link Congressman_Hall_Newsletter_9-30-06to an article about Congressman John Hall and the bang up job he’s doing in Washington on everyone’s behalf. Good on ya, John!

2. What’s next?

New Blog/Resubscribe

I have been prompted to start an Orleans “Blog” (short for “weblog”). Anyway, for those who give a darn, I will soon begin to post my musings there and, before too long, this newsletter will also originate from the blog. Meanwhile …

It’s almost time to say goodbye to our good friends at EMMA (the email service you get this newsletter from) in favor of something called “AWeber”. That means I must ask you to RESUBSCRIBE to the Orleans VIF (Very Important Fan) emailing list.

Now, this is quick, easy and painless (and we will be giving you more than one chance to do this), but HERE’s the thing:

We have a SECRET SUPER SPECIAL FREEBIE GIFT ready and waiting for all you nice (not naughty 🙂 VIF Listmembers come Christmastime. Trust me … it’s a lot more than a couple of free song downloads! If you’re reading this, then YOU WANT THIS!

“What’s the catch?”, you ask. Answer: You have to STILL be on the list when we announce the bonus to you!

So, please RESUBSCRIBE NOW … and stay tuned!

Prime touring season for 2007 is over … but we’re still available for winter gigs! 🙂 Spring of 2008 is shaping up nicely … including a first-ever trip to Europe! Meanwhile, we’ll be readying more digital audio & video for release. Please stay tuned!

3. December Gigs?

Saturday, Dec 1st
RPM with David Pack (Ambrosia), Rick Derringer, Jimi Jamison
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Cape Canaveral, FL
Prime touring season for 2007 is over, but  gigs do tend to pop up from nowhere.
Please check the Tour Dates page periodically for details & updates about live shows


Just one of the many enterprises we engage in while off the road for the winter.
Hey — baby needs new shoes, ya know! (just kidding 🙂
photo courtesey of “VIF” Trey Wright

4. Cool Links!

These sites don’t want your money … But just by visiting and clicking one link, the site sponsors will donate money to these worthy causes. In the Holidays’ Spirit of Giving, please visit …

The End Hunger Site

The Animal Rescue Center

The End Breast Cancer Site

The ONE Campaign
“We want your voice”

Watch the video
Bonnie Raitt and friends say “somethin’s happpenin’ here …”

And, if you are so inclined …

If YOU have a Cool Link to share, please send it to orleanssupport@gmail.com

5. Recaps

PBS began airing “My Music: The 70s Experience” the first weekend of August! (check your local listings) (for the rest of the story, click here)

CDs Available Online:

“We’re Still Havin’ Fun” (SONY/BMG)
A collection of 10 audio tracks from the DVD of the same name. BONUS! We offer you an EXCLUSIVE, SIGNED, POSTER with every SONY CD! … which you can ONLY get through us.

“Live – Volume 1”: (“Greatest Hits” Live), “Dancin’ in the Moonlight”  (latest studio cuts), “Still the One: Live” (30 years of tapes from our personal vaults) — ALL available at FridayMusic

OrleansOnline Digital Download Store is now open!


tn_Lance_computer_in_officeAs for me —

My kitchen renovation is coming along quite nicely, thank you (I do all the painting :-), we have decided on a college for my daughter, our web prescence is ever-growing, and maybe in December I will actually get to write and demo some songs!

All things considered, LIFE IS VERY GOOD!

Here’s wishing you and yours the Happiest Holidays Season ever!


Best wishes for wherever your path may lead you,

Lance Hoppen
(on behalf of all of Orleans)

PS — please forward the newsletter to ALL of your friends, so they may choose to sign up and receive “the good stuff”, too! (see the one-click function at the top of the email)

Hope you’re enjoying the new web stuff at least half as much as I am creating it. Feedback is always welcome at orleanssupport@gmail.com

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