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Orleans with Felix Cavaliere this Friday – blog Oct. 6 ’11

Orleans with Felix Cavaliere this Friday !!!

JohnStratLast Friday’s gig in Clearwater, FL was a success on all counts. It was great to welcome back John Hall to the stage for that particular show.

We did a brand new song of his called I Told You So. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the message got across loud and clear.

You can see John’s video of this song posted on his own site at www.JohnHallMusic.com


Friday, October 7th – 8 PM
Orleans with special guest, Felix Cavaliere (formerly of The Rascals)
Art in the Garden VI
Wingard’s Nursery & Garden Center
Lexington, SC

One of the great pleasures of becoming elder statesmen of Pop/Rock is that, at this point, we get to work with not only some of the best talents out there … we sometimes get to work with an icon who influenced our own paths.

Larry and I can tell you that, as teenagers growing up on Long Island, there was no cooler band than our own home-grown Rascals. Personally, I played many of their hits in the 9-piece (horns included) band I was in in high school (called The Koloring Book :-))

FelixThis Friday, once again, we’ll be joined on stage by none other than the awesome Felix Cavaliere!

We get to be his back-up band, playing such hits as Groovin’, Good Lovin’, People Got to Be Free, Lonely Too Long … just to name a few.

Geez! … do we have to play any Orleans songs? OK … we will.

I know it’s geographically impossible for most of you to physically be there, but please join us in spirit, knowing the music goes out to ALL of you.

Meanwhile, we are TOTALLY stoked about returning to Holland at the end of October AND our first ever gigs in Scotland in early November. You can see ALL the details about these dates and venues on the Tour Dates page.
More about these and other fall shows soon!

Hopefully you’re keeping in touch by Facebook?

Lance Hoppen
for the entire Orleans Ground Crew

More gigs are being added all the time now, so check for dates and details at www.OrleansOnline.com/TourDates.html

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