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“Best of” Asylum+ Repackages

Due to copyright issues, we’re not able to offer you these Warner/Elektra/Asylum albums (Let There Be Music – Waking and Dreaming) directly, so we’re doing the next best thing … by supplying you links to where you can easily find them at Amazon. Just click on each each album cover to go there.

Each is a bit different in what they contain. 

The simply titled “Orleans” contains all the tracks from both albums. (the first 20 tracks in the player)

The Essentials” and “Orleans – Still the One” contain an incomplete sampling of songs from each album.

Dance With Me – the Best of Orleans” is again an incomplete sampling from both albums, but it also includes Half Moon (from our first album), Love Takes Time and Forever (from the Forever album) and 2 B-Sides (Siam Sam and Sweet Destiny) from the Waking and Dreaming singles. 

If you do go hunting at Amazon, you’ll even find the original Let There Be Music and Waking and Dreaming albums on CD and VINYL!

In any case, you should have plenty of options. Good hunting! 

"Best Of" Asylum+
Fresh Wind
Dance With Me
Time Passes On
Your Life, My Friend
Let There Be Music
Cold Spell
Ending of a Song
Give One Heart
You've Given Me Something
What I Need
If I Don't Have You
Waking and Dreaming
Still the One
The Bum
Golden State
The Path
Spring Fever
Sweet Destiny
Siam Sam
Half Moon
Love Takes Time