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Conjuring (2017)

… the “masterpiece” solo album by Lance Hoppen



“Eclectic” hardly says it but, if you like Orleans, the Beatles, James Taylor, CSN, etc. … if you like well-crafted, hook-laden, melody/harmony driven songs with intelligent, even poignant lyrics … if you like great playing, singing and production …you’re gonna like this album.

   Best known as a bassist and founding member of Orleans, this collection of Lance’s represents the unheard side of the usually “quiet one” of the group, taking you on a journey through his Pop/Rock, Americana, R&B and even Country influences.

   His own influence is often difficult to discern … often  the “unsung hero” of his team efforts within and outside the Orleans framework … but here he is cut loose as lead and background singer, bassist, guitarist and producer to paint a clear and unencumbered picture of his many strengths.

   Gathering up the best of his songwriting dating back as far as 1990 (but still standing the test of time), he has created a “legacy piece” of otherwise unknown works. In fact, drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Paul McCartney, Orleans … and just about everyone else) has called it his “Masterpiece”! (see the reviews below)

   In addition to Charlie, Lance called upon some of his world-class musician friends to aid and abet the project. Among those are: John Jorgenson, guitars and mandolin (Desert Rose Band, Elton John, etc) – Catherine Marx, keyboards (Reba McIntyre, Brooks & Dunn, etc) – Buck Reid, steel guitar (Lyle Lovett’s Big Band) and several more. There are even contributions from Orleans co-founders John Hall and the late, great Larry Hoppen.

   Lance’s earlier solo effort, Start From Where You Are, was a project that gathered up already recorded tracks from his Orleans and non-Orleans history. Unlike that, with the exception of 2 as-is Orleans tracks (No More Than You Can Handle, Asking Too Much) and 2 reworkings of previously recorded Orleans tunes (Mission of Mercy, Beautiful World), this is an album of never-before-heard songs … and their time is NOW!

   A dozen co-writers add to the soup but, in every case, Lance’s unique stamp has left its flavor on each song. It’s that stamp that ties it all together as he takes you on a 15-track, 1-hour trip through a variety of genres. And when you get to the end, you’re gonna want to go back to the beginning and start all over again … and again!

Don’t want a physical CD? Digital downloads / streaming also available.

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Life Loves You
Mission of Mercy
Asking Too Much
Shining Silver Lining
The Mystery
It's All Happening Now
Beautiful World
It Never Ends
Bloody Brilliant
I Surrender
Daredevil Heart
Don't Play With Matches
Oh Boy
No More Than You Can Handle

Early praise for Conjuring

There’s not a bad song on your CD. You did a really good job on Mission of Mercy. I Surrender is also a cool song and recording. It Never Ends is my favorite; there’s something mysterious about it. Maybe it’s because you were writing and singing about something so personal. The melody of the chorus is one I wish I’d written. – John Hall
I have been listening to your new CD over and over. Wow. Very well done. I really like your production choices, especially the subtle steel guitar passages. Your vocals and backgrounds are signature aspects. I especially love It Never Ends. Such a hauntingly gorgeous melody on the hook. I wish I wrote it. Your judicious use of too oft-used Major 7th chords in ballads is genius.
– Mike Malfesi
Man, terrific album. Stellar singing, playing, production. Uplifting messages. Some serious first-rate writing going on as well. Great job! – Perry Barton

I love your messages of faith and love and hope. The cover is just perfection. I really like all the songs I’ve listened to so far. I also like the reworking of Mission of Mercy with the sax. You put so much of yourself into this work of art. Can’t wait to listen to the rest. – ILene Rochester

Your record is wonderful. Great performances, flawless production and the packaging is beautiful. I’m happy and proud for you. A great accomplishment. “It Never Ends” is as good as anything from the LA golden era, Karla Bonoff, JD Souther stuff. Sounds like a movie theme. Kudos! – Mark Prentice
I’m showing you off. Everyone I play your music for loves it. I think I need a CD sales stand! You should be proud of what you’ve done here … it’s your best yet! – Dru Deahl
I can’t tell you how sincerely thrilled I am to be in such good company. The collection is simply stunning! I am a very tough critic and I’m incapable of bullshxxxing. As a cat who cut his teeth during the era, I appreciate the enormous amount of work that goes into the authentic ’70s production. You and Doug did an amazing job. The recordings and mixes are pristine. Yay! That being said, without the incredible level of songwriting the production would have gone for naught. Wow, Lance. Way to Go! Nearly every song knocked me out! Faves on first listen: Mission of Mercy (so ’70s all the way to the sax solo fade) The Mystery, It Never Ends (that Crowded House-like melody is killer) and I Surrender. All in all an incredible album of which you should be very, very proud. Spectacular! – Rand Bishop
WOW Lance…you have surely come up with a very impressive result here, my man. I have carried this with me since receiving it…and played through it constantly. It’s really GREAT…and very original. By now I am familiar with all the tunes, and the variety is way cool. The sequence of tracks is right on, moving smoothly through the various thoughts and grooves…and of course the musicianship speaks for itself…what a cast of killers you have assembled here. All sound great, and having the input of the likes of John Jorgensen must have made for a big pleasure cruise. Charlie’s drumming is once again so subtly clever in many spots…and BTW, I love how “Beautiful World” sounds…Its not Reggae….but it’s not not Reggae…so…hmmm…I guess you’ve created “Neggae”. Great concept :-). I’d have to say so far that my favs are the opening track (“Life Loves You”)…nice toss of the lasso there…you pulled me right in, and “It Never Ends”, which is already causing sleeplessness. It”s one of those songs that WILL NOT leave me alone, so I guess that means you have succeeded…I’ve swallowed the hook and I can’t let go…But really, all tracks are really good, and thanks for including the two signature final collaborations with Larry, and putting your signature on the end result. And OMG… the packaging!!! What a beautiful presentation. Great liners and great photos…and I love the black tri fold thing. A very fine effort my friend. – Sky Schrode
You no longer can call yourself the quiet Beatle. The lyrics and arrangements are outstanding. I really enjoyed the horns. The trifold package, liner notes and photos are like an album. Thanks for the music. – Mark Murphy
Wow … the whole album is pure heaven! I’ve played the CD 4 times in 2 days and each time my heart danced all through it. The sax solo on “Mission of Mercy” and the powerful arrangement had me almost in tears! “Silver Lining” is particularly clever and cute. I like how many songs feature firey, blue love dama … the Battle Hymn of the Romantic. I love all the inspirational messages and epiphanies … the honest and in-depth study of the human experience and interaction, combined with meticulous musical arrangements, imbued with magic and soul … The variety of song construction and your masteful vocals are a treat for the ear. Count on me continuing to listen to and enjoy this beautiful CD! – Artemis Chartier
I love it… I knew I would, but its even better than I expected! Your talent never ceases to amaze me and the lyrics to these songs are so beautifully composed and so heartfelt … I can relate to each and every one and find them so inspirational. Also, I’m amazed at how you’ve maintained your beautiful tenor voice after all the years of singing and still are able to hit those high notes with perfection! The packaging is also very impressive…. Congratulations on this newest success! – Donna Payne