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New Star Shining (2021 Holidays album)

… a Christmas / Holidays collection



This is not your grandpa’s Christmas record!

A collection of (mostly) original, non-traditional holiday songs, we undertook these recordings during the lockdowns of early 2021, when live gigs were nowhere to be found.

   The material comes from various sources, mostly written internally, some by friends from other bands. Some had previously recorded lives elsewhere and were remastered; others had previous starts but underwent major revisions and upgrades. Some were cut from scratch in isolation (done remotely from each member’s home studios and then compiled together).

   Some are purely secular, while others center around the Christmas story. The result is a typically diverse range of styles and moods, something Orleans has always been known for.

   Due to the multiple studios, engineers, players, etc. it’s not possible to do a full listing of credits here but …

   Orleans is John HallLance HoppenLane HoppenFly Amero and Brady Spencer.

   Larry Hoppen appears posthumously. Special guest artists include John SebastianJohn JorgensonBill PayneDan Dugmore and Andrea Zonn.

   Produced by Lance Hoppen & Michael Malfesi, with John Hall and Fly Amero.

Don’t want a physical CD? Digital downloads / streaming also available.

New Star Shining
New Star Shining
Quiet Place
Jinglin' in New England
Mary's Christmas
I Wish I Could've Been There
The Sound of Christmas
Mary Had a Baby
Snowed in With You
I'm Comin' Home for Christmas
I Wish I Could Fly
Winter Wonderland
Ballad of the Christmas Day Cowboy