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Larry Hoppen – One of the Lucky Ones (2011)

Larry’s final solo collection is a project that spans many years.



One of the Lucky Ones
One of the Lucky Ones
I Wanna Be in Love
The Moment
Love is Love
For Fathers Everywhere
Give in to It
Pretending to Care
Poison Rain
No Reply
Looking for the Light

   Larry’s final solo collection
is a project that spans many years. Enhancing / redoing some tracks from his 1996 Looking for the Light CD, adding NEW songs then mixing & remastering it all as one album yields a VERY listenable and satisfying group of tunes!

   You’ll want this one in your car, for sure! Full of instrumental and vocal work from numerous talented friends, there’s lots of musical variety here with a strong thread running throughout.

   The band includes Tony Levin, David Sancious, Terry Silverlight. Guests include the late, great Cornelius Bumpus, Billy Squier, Michelle Mailhot (Toxic Audio), Beth Schafer, Bob Leinbach, Lance Hoppen, Charlie Morgan and Jim Campagnola.

   The packaging’s nice, too! ‘-)

   Although this title is long out of print, we have perfected the art of producing high-quality CDRs from the original WAV audio files, complete with the original artwork. If not for the CD stick-on label, it would be hard to tell the difference between these and mass-manufactured CDs. How ’bout you let us make one for you?

Also available as part of Larry’s 3-CD solo albums set at a 20% discount.

All net proceeds benefit Larry’s daughters, Maeve and Claire.