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Orleans (1981)

… the self-titled follow-up album to “Forever”
(fondly referred to as the “pencil sketch” record)



Times were tough in the music business in 1979. Vinyl prices were rising with the price of oil! The 8-track was on its way out! The now widespread use of blank cassette tape to copy LPs had put a huge dent in record sales across the board. Labels were discarding employees like old shoes … and that included artists! Rosters were cut to the bone and deals were hard to come by. Only the strong survived! It was in this environment we found ourselves as, unfortunately, our Love Takes Time label, Infinity Records spent themselves out of existence. Now an “orphan” lost at MCA, we were required to deliver another album to them.

   Orleans’ self-titled follow-up album to “Forever” (which we fondly refer to as “the pencil sketch record”), was spearheaded by Larry, Wells and Lance … recorded in the winter of ‘79/’80 using a remote truck parked next to Wells’ guest cabin. Mixed at Trident Studios in London, England, it includes performances by Bob Leinbach and R.A.Martin as well as John Hall and Jerry Marotta on several tracks.

   After Love Takes Time had put Orleans back on the map, we managed to include all the alumni up to that point on this LP, which was very satisfying. It also marked the first appearance of youngest brother Lane Hoppen on anything Orleans AND Rick Marotta, Jerry’s older and more famous brother, played drums on a couple of cuts (so “everyone and his brother” quite literally played on this record! 🙂 )

   Just to top it off, Jay Beckenstein (Spyrogyra) appears on sax and an up-and-comer named Phil Collins sings a cameo. (he just happened to be Producer Robin Lumley‘s roommate 🙂 )

No Ordinary Lady
When Are You Coming Home
Bustin' Loose
Dukie's Tune
You've Been Runnin'
Come On Over
Ann Marie
Oughta Daughta
Change Your Mind

   This album is particularly scarce. Most existing vinyl copies belong to diehard collectors and/or serious Orleans fans. Although it yielded no hit singles, there are some real gems in this collection that still stand the test of time.
And now you can add this CD to YOUR collection!
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