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Orleans LIVE: Volumes 1 & 2 CD Set (1990)

… a “Greatest Hits Live” collection – and then some!



We're still havin' fun? Well .... sometimes, not so much.

   That’s how we were feeling in the fall of 1987. For the moment, we had had enough. So, like several times before, we put Orleans to bed for a much-needed rest. Each of us went on our merry own life paths, not knowing when or if we would ever want to try it again.

   Some time in 1990, dear old friend and contemporary, Robbie Dupree, came to us with a project idea … a reason to put Orleans back together. Robbie had been mining opportunities in Japan and, along with his own recording and touring career, had been part of a production team releasing CDs of American artists there.

   His offer? Regroup and do a weekend performance in our own backyard, capture it on multi-track and remix it into a live “Greatest Hits” album. His people would fund it and already had the distribution channel open in Japan. Pretty much a no-brainer.

   Recorded during a 2-night gig at the Bearsville Theater (just outside the band’s home base of Woodstock, NY) in October of 1990, this double CD marks Orleans‘ return after a 3-year sabbatical. Totally on fire, Larry, Lance and John reconvened with cohorts Bob Leinbach (keys & vocals) and Peter O’Brien (drums), with the addition of Paul Branin on guitar / sax and Rob Leon on percussion / additional bass. Cameos by John Sebastian and Jonell Mosser round out this lineup for a rousing Rock ‘n’ Roll outing!

Don’t want a physical CD? Digital downloads / streaming are also available.

Below are soundbites of what you can expect when you add Orleans Live: Volumes 1 & 2 to your collection.

Orleans LIVE
Dance With Me
Let There Be Music
Time Passes On
Love Takes Time
Still The One
Tongue Tied
Good Old Daze
I Found Somebody
Poison Rain
Long Ride Home
Arms - Half Moon
Miss Grace
Old Timers
Compared To What