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Start From Where You Are (2010)

Lance’s first “solo” CD collection.



Lance Hoppen’s first “solo” CD collection.

A mixture of Orleans cuts from past releases plus 
several unreleased and rarely heard tracks from his other ventures,
this album features Lance’s works as “singer/songwriter”.
For the Orleans fan who has everything, this is a must-add to your collection.


   In January of 2010, I found myself with an invitation to the 5th annual “Posi Awards” in Orlando, FL-— an event sponsored by emPower Music & Arts, honoring notable songs and songwriters in the emerging genre known as “Posi Music”, or Positive Music. The genre is more defined by the lyrical content and uplifting/empowering intent rather than by any particular musical style. In any case, I had submitted Start From Where You Are as a contender and, lo and behold, it made the finals.

   Suddenly, I realized that I had no “product” to take with me to  represent my personal work. So I quickly set about compiling the best of my singer/songwriter efforts within and without Orleans into one CD collection. Although the emphasis is on Posi, I just had to include a couple of codependent love songs :-).

   Tracks 1, 8, 9 and 10 were co-written with my long-time friend, Shawn Gallaway, for a project which had never seen the light of day … until now. The “Prosperity Guru” we wrote these tunes for ultimately couldn’t justify funding the project. Go figure! (The band on these tracks is Larry Hoppen, Charlie Morgan and me.)

   Track 2 (Beyond Reason) was written about a particular conundrum of a relationship (attempt) I was in at the time. Other than Charlie’s drums and keys by Greg Sims, this is all me.

   The rest of the tracks come from various prior Orleans releases (Dancin’ in the Moonlight and  Obscurities, primarily), but here you have all 11 of these cuts in one place. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I’ve enjoyed putting this together.

   Lance Hoppen

Don’t want a physical CD? Digital downloads / streaming are also available.

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Start From Where You Are
Start From Where You Are
Beyond Reason
The Walking Wounded
In My Dream
No More Than You Can Handle
Mission of Mercy
I am Rich, Rich, Rich
I Have a Millionaire Mind
Money Magnet
The Moment

Review of “Start From Where You Are” by Lance Hoppen

    “Start From Where You Are” by Lance Hoppen is about every day trials of life on Earth, with the encouragement, reassurance and motivation necessary to overcome feelings of despair and loneliness to thrive emotionally, spiritually and financially. This collection is delivered in a variety of popular styles including Rock, with country, electric and Jamaican flavors and adult contemporary for an engaging listening experience. Some songs encourage solemn reflection while others blend affirmative thought with contagious melodies, drawing sing-along participation. Production is exceptional, with sharp mixing and rich mastering, seamlessly weaving together a variety of instruments and layered vocals. Lance Hoppen’s voice is clear and strong, with perfect pitch and smooth harmonies peppering the mix.

   Messages include living in the moment, free will, appropriate right-action, trust, surrender, oneness, gratitude, love and human potential. As an added bonus, this album specifically relates to survival needs including songs that directly address the required mindset for financial wealth and freedom.

   Musical compositions are solid and structured, gently supporting the mood of each song. Lyrics are extraordinary, touching the listener with a delicate balance of real life fears and frustration, tempered with universal wisdom and action orientation, leaving the audience feeling acknowledged, comforted and revitalized as well as entertained.  
Reviewed By:
Rosemarie AshleyPositive Music Association
a ‘tude vox for Transformation