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40th Anniversary Women’s V-Neck Tee



40th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirts!
… a collector’s item

Go ahead and grab some of these High-Quality, 100% Cotton tees …
while our supplier is still willing to make them!

    Left to Right:

          Lane Hoppen : 1982-84, 2000 – Present
          Dennis “Fly” Amero : 1981-82, 2005 – Present
          John Hall : 1972-77, 1985-2006, 2012 – 2022
          Larry Hoppen : 1972 – 2012 R.I.P.
          Lance Hoppen : 1972 – Present
          Charlie Morgan : 2000 – 2018

The Back Story

   When John announced to Larry and Lance in late 2005 that he intended to run for Congress, no one was surprised. All 3 made contingency plans: Orleans would play shows with Hall as schedules allowed while simultaneously reintegrating Dennis “Fly” Amero, who had played guitar in the band when John had gone solo earlier on.

   John then went on to serve two terms (2007-2010) as a U.S. Representative (D-NY, 19th) as Amero carved out his permanent place in the band, joining youngest Hoppen brother, Lane, on keyboards and drummer Charlie Morgan (best known for his many years with Elton John). Hall and the Hoppens agreed that, on the occasions it would be possible, all three Orleans co-founders would still gladly reunite. As they headed into 2012, their 40th anniversary year, plans were being made to do just that in a BIG way … but Fate had other plans.

  On July 24th, 2012, Orleans suffered its biggest tragedy to date. On that day, at his home in Sanford, FL, Larry Hoppen succumbed to a “perfect storm” of long-standing, life-draining stresses. Suddenly, he was gone.

   “We mourned the loss. We survived the shock. We honored his memory by keeping on keeping on,” brother Lance explains. With the subsequent return to the fold of John Hall, Orleans committed itself to (at least) finishing the 2012 calendar of scheduled performances with the help of several alumni. That mission ended in Nashville, TN on November 11th with an Orleans & Friends” fundraising concert to benefit Larry’s children. 

   And that might have been the end of it right then and there, if not for the infusion of energy by new management.
But that’s another story!

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