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Welcome to OrleansOnline.net! … the home of the Orleans library / museum!

This site is best viewed on a larger screen (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet) although it works on mobile, also. This guide will lay out how you might best enjoy what’s available here.

1. Home Page … the basics. Includes a short video of our History DVD, the next 3 shows coming up with a link to our full calendar, featured products with a link to the online Store and the means to join our mailing list. The top menu takes you anywhere you want to go onsite. The icons on the far right take you to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

2. About Us … this is where it goes deep.
     a. Brief History / Discography is an encapsulation of the highlights of the last 50 years with a graphic listing of album and DVD releases.
     b. John’s Bio is a brief overview of founder John Hall’s multi-faceted career, with a link to John’s personal website.

     c. From Larry’s Perspective is a 2005 essay by founder Larry Hoppen (RIP 2012) detailing his take on the Orleans story.
     d. Lance’s Story is a 2002 autobiographical essay by co-founder Lance Hoppen.
     e. The Ithaca Connection, written by Larry, lays out the deep roots Orleans has in that upstate NY town, starting before there even was an Orleans.
      f. The Living Legend Interviews is a 10-part short-video series with Larry and Lance from 2007, which became the basis for our History DVD.
     g. More Orleans Interviews is under construction. We have LOTS of audio/video/written interviews to post from all previous decades.
     h. Orleans Archives … this is a collection of Tour Diary / Newsletters / Blogs / Press Releases / Picture Essays from 2006 forward. Each category is listed separately under About Us, but ALL entries appear in time sequence (from now going backwards) under Archives in the top menu. Scrolling down makes more and more posts appear.
     I. Gig Calendars lists events from prior years.
     j. In Memoriam is a page dedicated to the talents, contributions and memory of Larry Hoppen.

3. Store … is subdivided into several categories
     a. Music is for all CDs and downloads
     b. Books and DVDs
     c. Clothing (tee shirts and soon to be more)
      d. Links to both John Hall’s and Fly Amero’s website stores

4. Tour Dates lists all dates for the current year and upcoming for next year.

5. Contact Us gives you several ways to communicate with the band and management / agency.

6. Join Us outlines the benefits of becoming an email list member.

7. Archives … see 2h above, Orleans Archives.

8. Forum … this is an interactive medium for fans to interact with the band members and each other. Create a profile to participate and we’ll all see how this evolves.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be sent via Contact Us and/or discussed in the Forum. Enjoy!