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So Sorry About Ridgefield :-( – blog Sept. 17 ’11

So Sorry About Ridgefield 🙁

It’s another gorgeous summer/fall day here in Nashville … one in a series that has visited us all week long. And, to be honest, there are a lot of things I’d prefer to be doing other than sitting at this computer, writing this blogpost. But it’s been SUCH a long time since I last wrote you, and it’s been weighing heavily on my mind to break the silence.

Mostly, I would like to just now be getting off a Southwest flight from Connecticut, where we were supposed to be last night … playing the Ridgefield Playhouse with our friends Chris Barron (lead singer, Spin Doctors) and Wally Palmar (lead singer and guitarist, The Romantics). But, due to forces outside our control, the show was cancelled just a few days ago. Why? Not exactly sure, but most likely a convergence of our generally sluggish economy and, specifically, that the area was hard hit by both hurricanes Irene and Lee, in quick succession. None of that helped ticket sales. Oh, well …

Our apologies to the many fans who DID buy tickets for the show. We’ve heard from you about your disappointment over the cancellation (and you know who you are :-). We truly appreciate that but, really, no one is more disappointed than WE are that we didn’t get to play this particular show … ’cause I can tell you, it would have TOTALLY ROCKED!

I was SO looking forward to playing Spin Doctors hits (Two Princes, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, Jimmy Olsen’s Blues). I’d been practicing my slap/pop style for weeks! 🙂 And what’s not to like about the sheer FUN of The Romantics‘ What I Like About You, Talkin’ in Your Sleep, and Rock You Up?

I know my bandmates share my disappointment. Maybe we can put this bill together again somewhere, soon. We can try. We’ll keep you posted.

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