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The demise of OrleansOnline.com!

Good day all … this is about the OrleansOnline.com website … what happened to it and what’s next.

Many of you are aware that the website has been offline for a couple of months now. I will never understand HOW the domain name URL expired without any kind of notification. But it did … and the way I found out about it is by having some fans ask “where did the website go?”

Looking into it, I discovered it was already past the grace period for buying it back and that someone else had bought it. Following that trail, I tried to buy it back for as much as $1000! Not even a reply!

Turns out it was transformed into a “link farm” (see Wikipedia) by an Indonesian entity. Why our URL? No idea. But you can’t make this stuff up. So goodbye forever, OrleansOnline.com.

The good news is we were already into the process of creating and entirely new, modern and updated site … good for mobile as well as computer viewing. The even better news is, with the able work of web designer Dave Meredith, we’ve been able to save EVERY last bit of the posted history from July 2006 to today. And it’s all laid out in a very user-friendly manner, for anyone who wants to deep dive.

And for those who just want what’s most current, that info is readily available at a glance.

This week we’re working on completing the online store. Once that’s done, we’ll be ready to relaunch and, after that, we’ll continue to add a LOT more content by way of written and audio/video interviews from various time periods, eventually a Photo Gallery, etc.

But first things first.

With any luck, we’ll be able to launch next week and, if not, very soon after that. When we get close to that event, I’ll give you the URL of the new website.

I think you’re gonna like it! 🙂

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