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The "Living Legends Music"
Interview Series

   Prior to the performance of RPM at Kennedy Space Center, Dec. 1st 2007, we were contacted by Peter Blackshaw on behalf of Greg Rike at “Living Legends Music“. This was the first time we had ever heard ANY of these names and we were not quite sure what to make of their request to interview Larry for this thing called “Living Legends”. Still, Larry consented and asked me (Lance) to join him, provided we could find the time to accommodate this request, given the busy nature of the gig day.

   On the day of the show, Peter and Co. made their presence known early on. They set up their video gear in the room next door to RPM‘s (Rock and Pop Masters) dressing room, waiting patiently as the day progressed. First soundcheck, then showtime, after-gig autographs at the “merch” table, cool down and changing clothes … Ah, now we’re ready to leave for the hotel. But wait … are we forgetting something? Right … the video interview. Well, let’s just duck inside there for a few minutes and then we’ll be on our way.

   Opening the door, we found Rick Derringer finishing up his interview. A little face powder and we were all set to go for what was supposed to be no more than a 20-minute shoot. Thing is, the questions posed by Greg Rike and the comfortable setting he created in which to respond made it nearly impossible to want to stop. So, about an hour later, we had the makings of the 10 clip segments you see below. Had we known it would turn out this good, that it would be posted to YouTube and that we would want to post it ourselves, we certainly would have dressed better. 🙂

If you like what you see here, you will LOVE the 
Orleans Historical DVD 
produced by Greg Rike on our behalf.

It contains the best of this interview series plus SO much more performance and interview footage, spanning our then-37 year history.

We consulted on the project, so it is 100% accurate in its details. For more information, just click here.

   From the LLM site: “Living Legends Music celebrates the music and the artists who dedicate themselves to it. This organization exists to champion the efforts of those dedicated to bringing enhancement to the planet through their music. … I have taken it upon myself to reconnect the artists with their audiences.” 

You can find Greg Rike’s Living Legends Music site at www.livinglegendsmusic.com

Please support Greg in his work … and enjoy yourself in the process!

The Formative Years – 6:32

Life in Woodstock – 2:46

Dance With Me – 3:13

Self-Destructed – 4:34

20/20 Hindsight – 4:41

Drugs Got US – 1:31

Music Business Today – 5:31

Sunshine For HIV Kids – 1:16

Orleans and Nashville – 5:11

Orleans Today – 5:29

The above video interviews were the start of what would become a full-length, comprehensive History of Orleans DVD (see below). If you find yourself wishing to own this collector’s item, please CLICK HERE.

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