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Tour Diary: 7/06 – 1/07

Notes From the Road

Below is a journal of sorts about the events that took place between July 2006 and January 2007. After that, the web tool I was using to post such chronicles failed us, so I began to include this kind of info in the monthly email newsletters. By the time I had the capabilities to post a Tour Diary again, it seemed obsolete, especially when we began the online version of the newsletter in August, 2007, followed by the Orleans Blog. Still, I leave this journal here for any who might be interested to read it and, since you’re reading this, that must be YOU! Welcome to a seldom-traveled part of our world. Please turn off the lights on the way out. 🙂           

Lance Hoppen

Toronto, SASS and plastic buckets!

Welcome to 2007! The year has started with a big bang at the big bash fundraiser gig for SASS (School Alliance of Student Songwriters). This Toronto, Canada-based organization is doing important and wonderful work,

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John Hall’s Congressional Victory! 

The Band Plays On: “Orleans” Cheers Co-Founder John Hall’s Congressional Victory; Continues on its Rare “Work in Progress” Path  (November 30th, 2006) Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 21, 2006 — One of the founding

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The gig with Felix’s Rascals at Belleayre Mt., NY was tainted by cold rain and high winds … and we were playing in a big outdoor tent! But that didn’t stop the stalwart NY mountaineering crowd from braving it. The tent still filled up with several hundred music lovers, all determined to have a good time regardless of Mother Nature’s curve balls. Thanks for coming out! (for those keeping track, this was a John gig)

A few days prior we had gotten a call for a last-minute show the following weekend. Always willing to pick up dates from others’ cancellations, we arrived at the street fair in Danbury, CT on Saturday, the 9th …

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I’m writing this from what used to be my house in Woodstock, NY, on a day off just prior to the last show of this run … and what a week it’s been!

If you will read the post from 8/17, you’ll see that we were at that point still gearing up for the big DVD shoot in Pittsfield. Things I forgot to mention about that:

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This is BIG news! … and BIG FUN!

On Friday, August 25th (that’s next week), Orleans will be performing in   Pittsfield, Mass at First United Methodist Church (a wonderful venue, I hear). This is a multi-faceted gig that you really don’t want to miss if you can possibly make it.

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Greetings, ya’ll
(see what living in Nashville for the last 17 years can do to a New Yorker’s speech patterns?).

Still, you can’t take the northeast out of the boy. It has been SO much fun playing back in the old Orleans stomping grounds this past month. ALL the dates have had their unique highspots and it was great to see so many older and new fans come out.

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