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We’ve been keeping a few secrets :-) – blog April 5 ’11

We’ve been keeping a few secrets 🙂

ThenAndNowFrontSo … we’ve been keeping a few secrets lately.

Some have already found this one, which slipped unannounced into the OrleansOnline.com store about a week ago.

Orleans: Then and Now … greatest hits and MORE! is a brand new compilation of all the A-list stuff that people ask for all the time at the live shows. It just made sense to put it all on one disc and make it available at the “merch” table.

Thing is, we only made 200 of ’em to start (218 to be exact) … and more than half of them disappeared on the first weekend out. The next gigs are at the end of May, so we thought it might be best to offer the remaining 80 or so up online in the meantime … AND include a seriously cool bonus for you!

That’s the other secret … and we’ll get to that in a moment.

Thing about these CDs is there will only EVER be 218 of them made. This is a first-edition “short run”. Sure, we’ll make more, but the next run will have a different kind of packaging, maybe even be a double-disc (which this WILL become, sooner or later). But there won’t ever be any more of THIS version. So …

If you’re the kind of collector fan who simply has to have everything, then this is definitely a MUST for you! And you can read ALL about it HERE (sorry … this promotion is over)

Now, about that bonus …

We’ve been sitting on master recordings of two brand new songs, written last fall by Larry and me with a couple of Nashville hit writers. We both love the tunes so much we EACH insisted on singing them. So we wound up with a dilemma … TWO fine versions of each song and no clear “better” ones to release. What to do?

In the end, we agreed we would leave that decision up to YOU … the die-hard fans. So …

When you get your limited-edition copy of Then and Now, you will also get download links to FOUR high-quality Mp3s — two versions each of these two new songs. PLUS …

We invite you to take a brief online survey to let us know which ones you like better and why … anonymously, of course, so you don’t have to worry about hurting our feelings. 🙂 Based on your feedback, we will choose which recordings to release as THE versions … and include them on Then and Now when it morphs into a double-disc.

Well, that’s the gist of it all. If this offer is calling your name, better answer it fast at the OrleansOnline store. Those 80 … oops 75 copies won’t last long!

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