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NEW Music for the Holidays! – blog Dec. 9 ’10

NEW Music for the Holidays!

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Kwanzaa

(did I leave anybody out?)

Regardless of one’s specific religious/spiritual heritage, this time of year seems to bring out the best in people … all that gift-giving and good will towards men (and women) stuff!

Hey — works for me! So … In that spirit, here is our FAVORITE new seasonal discovery … an offering from us to you!

Ambush – Food Court Hallelujah Chorus

Of course, it’s already had over 15 MILLION views, so maybe you’ve seen it :-). If you haven’t, it’s a MUST … and if you have, it’s worth another look and listen.

Meanwhile …


NEW and Older Music at Super-Low Pricing – for Orleans list-members ONLY!

If you’re like us, you’re woefully behind in your Holiday gift shopping.

Never fear! We may have just the answers for you … and ONLY YOU. This special sales page is not available to the general public … just our beloved list-members and Facebook/MySpace friends, as our Thank You for your continued support.


Just (barely) in time for the Holidays, we are making available several NEW things, such as —

The DVD/CD set of our St. Thomas show in February, 2010 … where Doc Robinson (lead singer of King Harvest’s 1973 hit version of Dancin’ in the Moonlight) reunited with former Boffalongo bandmate Larry Hoppen on stage after 40 YEARS!

There are only 50 copies of this available, so it’s gonna become a real collector’s item. Don’t miss out on getting YOUR copy.

Even if you’re not interested in buying, you really MUST go read this amazing full-circle story and listen to some audio clips of the show!


How about the newly-discovered show from the 1976 Jackson Browne Tour? Streaming audio clips are posted for this one, too!

And then there’s the $5 CDs offer …

PLUS we’re willing to MAKE you ANY CD from our out-of-print LP and CD catalog. That’s 11 impossible to find albums that you can fill in your collection with.

AND the FREE BONUS offer of the TRIO (Larry, Lance and Fly) at Infinity Hall this past September … which includes a LOT of never-before-heard material — AND an acoustic version of The Reaper, compete with Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult sitting in!

Yep, it’s all over at http://www.OrleansOnline.com/HolidaySale.html

Time is short, so please act quickly. Same day shipping on our end means there’s hope yet for on-time Christmas deliveries.

Fly Amero, Larry Hoppen, Charlie Morgan, Lance Hoppen, Lane Hoppen

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